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Amapola de Seine Citronelle
Asian Pear Bergamot Lavender
We've combined the natural simplicity of tangy citrus and grapefruit, crisp apple and fresh berries with luxurious touches of cassis, sandalwood, and deeply-perfumed rose and jasmine for a delicate balance of soft and bold.
Herbacous wild bergamot, blue-hued lavender, and invigorating eucalyptus take center stage in our cool, clean Bergamot Lavender fragrance.
Bleu Ginger Bleu Willow
The blue and white ginger jars that inspired this collection are steeped in centuries of Chinese history, when they were used as vessels to store and export valuable spices and precious commodities before becoming prized around the world.
Bois de Cannelle Chinese Peony
There's nothing quite like the warming scent of cinnamon, and we've captured that essence with Bois de Cannelle. Piquant juniper berry and eucalyptus bud are blended with the spicy notes of cinnamon bark, amber, and myrrh for a familiar but innovative fragrance.
Our Chinese Peony captures the herbaceous scents and floral fragrance of the blooms with a blend of succulent peach and apple blossoms and a bouquet of lilac, roses, orchids and blue violets – with a final note of crisp, leafy greens for a naturally fresh finish.
Citron du Sud Cote D'Azur
For a fragrance befitting this prized Treat of Kings, we've paired the pineapple fruit with lusciously sweet coconut for a decadent tropical base, then added leafy citrus cilantro, aromatic apricot, and just a hint of soft musk and vanilla.
Côte d'Azur brings the French coastline home with an aquatic top note of marine accord smoothly fused with the light floral perfumes of seaside heliotrope, dewy cyclamen, lavender and water lily, with a final quartet of natural and earthy green leaf, Spanish moss, sweet birch and cassis.
Currant Pourpre Delphinium
Currant Pourpre melds the intense purple currant with cassis, a fruit trio of citrusy Italian bergamot, dewfruit and tangy goji berries and an earthy layer of mate leaves, desert cactus, musk and evergreen for an ultimately intoxicating fusion.
Our ode to the regal, deep blue Delphinium found in storybook cottage gardens is an elegant bouquet of flowers topped with a playful collection of zesty scents.
Elegant Gardenia Epices de Saison
Our Elegant Gardenia is a classic version of the namesake flower that is a perennial favorite. Seductive and irresistible, this heady fragrance is enhanced with violet and freesia to make a lasting impression.
There is a warm, inviting feeling that goes along with the start of fall, as leaves begin to turn and there's just enough of a nip in the air to light the season's first crackling fire. Epices de Saison embodies that special, all-too-brief time of the year.
Figue D'Orleans Floral Jade
Fig D'Orleans is our tribute to the luscious fruit, with its juicy succulence surrounded by ripe apple, tart grapefruit and lemon, kissed with velvety musk and wood, and finally draped in a garland of cyclamen, lily, and white florals.
Floral Jade begins with young, budding freesia, then swells with fruity orange and cassis, adds a touch of lily and jasmine blossoms, and finishes with a soothing whiff of sandalwood, moss and musk.
French Blossom French Tulip
French Blossom was inspired by the spectacular Jardin des Plantes in Paris, which has featured thousands of botanicals from around the world since the reign of Louis XIII.
Our French Tulip candle will transport you to Paris in the spring and open air flower markets. This green fresh blend includes jasmine, rose, lemon, clove, sage and rosewood for a complex green note.
Grandiflora Citrine Holiday
The pinnacle of freshness, split-second moments in which nature's beloved scents are at their absolute finest. We set out to capture those brief, rarified moments and keep them – like lightning in a bottle – in an enduring fragrance, Grandiflora Citrine.
Fir balsam, fir needle, cedar wood, grapefruit, orange oil, eucalyptus and bergamot combine for a fragrance comparable only to freshly gathered pine cones. Bring the crisp outdoors in!
Hyacinth Imperial Blossom
Our original and long-time best seller, Hyacinth is a fresh, white floral. Like its namesake, it is the quintessential scent of spring, but we've found it's a favorite year round.
For Imperial Blossom, we have gathered Italy's beloved bergamot orange, the licorice-like anise found in lush liqueurs, delicate lavender perfume, the precious essential oils of patchouli, musk and sandalwood, and hints of cinnamon and ginger.
Japanese Quince Jasmine Noir
Our signature fragrance – and longtime best seller – has been praised on The Oprah Winfrey Show, in numerous magazines, and by loyal retailers and customers.
In lush, tropical climates, night blooming jasmine – or "Queen of the Night," as it is often called – permeates the evening air with an unmistakable sultry perfume, often all year round.
L'Ambre Lavande Provencale
The intoxicating warmth of milky amber, sueded musk, patchouli and vanilla accompanied by the powerful zest of mandarin and bergamot oranges and a generous burst of flowers – rock rose, cyclamen, neroli, mimosa and lily of the valley.
The lavender plant's tiny purple blooms are known the world over for their rich perfume. We've teamed imported French lavender with herbaceous rosemary and a subtle touch of vanilla and musk to create the simple, elegant Lavande Provencale.
Lexington Gardens Malaysian Bamboo
This pastoral blend of herbals, citrus, and ripe fruit is complemented by a soft floral bouquet, warm amber and wood, and a hint of soothing vanilla.
As crisp and natural as the bamboo itself, beginning with a layer of fresh green wood followed by the earthiness of amber and sandalwood, and finished off with a lightly floral grouping of tangerine flower, jasmine, freesia, lotus and tuberose.
Monarch Quince Pamplemousse & Baie
A combination of tangy orange and bergamot, crisp apple, juicy pear and red ripe strawberries bundled with a bouquet of jasmine and roses and kissed with the perfumes of vanilla and musk.
Our Pamplemousse & Baie pairs that zingy tartness of yellow grapefruit with its citrus cousins, orange peel and sparkling yuzu, adds on a layer of powerful allspice-like laurel bay leaves and berries, and finishes with a group of golden flowers – sunflower, marigold and honey flower.
Patina Pomme Marais
Lemon and verbena with twists: bergamot and mandarin oranges for even more zing, sweet apple, jasmine and rose petals, bright basil and spearmint, the spicy kick of cardamom and anise, and the earthiness of armoise oil, musk, cedar wood and oak moss.
Our Pomme Marais takes this fruit's fragrance to a sophisticated new level by coupling it with fresh pear and adding earthy clove and cinnamon along with just a hint of woody vanilla for a truly artful blend.
Red Amber Rhubarb Pear
A floral arrangement of gardenia, frangipani rose, jasmine, geranium and orange flower followed by the sweetness and spice of orange oil, ginger, peach, green leaf, clove, musk, patchouli, rich vanilla and tropical coconut.
With succulent notes of pear, rhubarb and berries, this fruity aromatic packs a final punch with a twist of zesty grapefruit.
Royal Incense Santal Parisienne
An array of luxurious elements that includes vibrant heliotrope, intense red saffron, toasted nutmeg, rich tonka bean, clove noir, cinnamon bark, sandal tree, Madagascar vanilla, and a hint of patchouli.
Sel de Mer Sicilian Tangerine
Our Sel de Mer begins with light green marine notes and layers it with sea moss and the fresh perfumes of cyclamen and lavender, then finishes with touches of earthy wild sage and citrusy petitgrain – all capturing the ocean's most naturally pure product.
The juicy, intensely complex flavor of the tangerine with ripe melon, the effervescent zip of grapefruit and green pineapple and, finally, we add complexity with aromatic rose, earthy musk and sandalwood, and a touch of clean ozone.
Venetian Quince Viennese Blooms
A bold combination of three very different fruits – crisp apple, peach nectar and zesty grapefruit – with a top note of fresh air accord, flowering sheer white lily, and the invigorating pairing of crushed leaves and dew-drenched grass.
An exceptionally sophisticated bouquet of the peerless rose, intoxicating jasmine and the soft perfume of lily of the valley. Layered beneath our botanical pièce de résistance are balancing notes of piquant bergamot orange, redolent vanilla, and a final lush trio of amber, patchouli and musk.
White Coral White Narcissus
The blue and violet blossoms of French lavender and wild sage provide sweeping landscapes and perfumed air throughout the South of France.
The warm sweetness of cassis accompanying the flower's lusty, spring-like scent along with a delicate arrangement of tuberose, gardenia and rose, and just a pinch of deep musk to round out an exceptional creation.
White Patchouli Wild Lotus
18th century Chinese silk traders transported patchouli to the Middle East, Napoleon brought it to Europe alongside luxury goods, Queen Victoria lined her linen chests with it, and master perfumers' creations popularized it.
A variety of lush layers: juicy grape, apple, melon and banana provide a blanket of fruit followed by a floral tier of lilac, wisteria, rose, jasmine and gardenia before final touches of clean ozone, camphor, powder and musk.
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