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Fleur D'Acasia Cameo Boxed Candle

Fleur D'Acasia Cameo Boxed Candle

Fleur D'Acasia Cameo Boxed Candle 00910FAC
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The strikingly bright yellow, pom-pom shaped flowers of the Acacia tree have such a strong, lovely scent, they have been used to make fragrances for centuries. Even its wood is mentioned as being burned as incense multiple times in the Bible. For our take on Fleur D'Acasia, we bundled the namesake flower with orange blossom, soothing ylang ylang, sweetly fragrant heliotrope and linden petals, added the tangy-yet-juicy duo of Chinese mandarin and fresh nectarine and ended with a soft touch of white musk.

From the stone objets d'art of ancient Greece and the gems created for the Roman Emperors to Napoleon's coronation crown and Queen Victoria's beloved personal collection, the carved relief cameo has remained a timeless classic. Seda France captures the texture, richness and singular beauty of these historical motifs with our new Cameo Collection, featuring eight fragrant candle creations, each hand-poured in decorative white glass and packaged in embossed, silver-lined boxes for Seda France's signature "no wrapping paper needed" gift giving.

Each Cameo Collection boxed candle is made with 8.7 ounces of hand-poured paraffin wax and has an approximate burn time of 45+ hours.

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