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All Seda France candles are hand-poured by master chandlers and are the ultimate in luxury home fragrance. From our signature Pagoda box packaging to travel tins, you're sure to find a candle that fits your style.

Agapanthus Asian Pear Astor

Berries Rouge Bigarade Absolue Chinese Peony

Citron du Sud Copal Cote D'Azur

Currant Pourpre Elegant Gardenia Fleur D'Acasia

French Tulip Grapefruit Paradis Hyacinth

Italian Bergamot Japanese Quince Jasmine Noir

L'Ambre Laurier Lavande Provencale

Malaysian Bamboo Monarch Quince Pamplemousse & Baie

Patina Pomme Marais Red Amber

Rhubarb Pear Royal Incense Sel de Mer

Sicilian Tangerine Venetian Quince Viennese Blooms

White Narcissus Wild Lotus