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Hand Lotion

Hand Lotion
Some of our most popular Classic Toile fragrances are now available in a luxurious, thick and creamy Hand Lotion. This lightly-perfumed creation is 96.5% natural – with organic sunflower oil and no parabens – and comes in a 12.5-ounce plastic pump dispenser for easy "no wrapping paper needed" gift giving.

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French Tulip Classic Toile Hand Lotion

Our French Tulip candle will transport you to Paris in the spring and open air flower markets. This green fresh blend...  Out of Stock More Details »

Japanese Quince Classic Toile Hand Lotion

Appealingly provocative, Japanese Quince, is a piquant fragrance with aspects of rhubarb, passion fruit and white fle... 

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Gift Certificate

Seda France's decadent packaging has always made our products the perfect choice for "no wrapping paper needed" gift ...  Choose Options More Details »